Covid for the Holidays

 Mon Nov 16, 2020, last updated Thu Mar 24, 2022 -  Jim Deibele

Our family is carefully planning the holidays. For my wife’s birthday we went and saw her parents. They stayed in the dining room near the gas fireplace while we stayed near the open patio door. Masks were worn except for eating and drinking.

For Thanksgiving, we’re planning on hosting one brother and his two kids. Outside, with a heater attached to a propane tank. Maybe two.

And, for Christmas, maybe it’s all via Zoom. That’s not traditional or even fun but if it keeps people alive, well, it’s worth it.

55 people attended a wedding in Maine   . 38 days later, 176 other people were infected and 7 - none of whom attended the wedding - died.

John Gruber   ’s summary of the situation is cogent:

It sounds cold, but the attendees of that wedding killed those people. If you’re planning a “small” family get-together for Thanksgiving, it’s every bit as irresponsible as planning a “short” drunk drive.