Using Atom with Markdown Writer for Hugo

 Fri Mar 25, 2022, last updated Wed Jun 08, 2022 -  Jim Deibele

I want a markdown editor that works with images. I stopped blogging because I found the process of adding images to each post so time-consuming. So I’ve been trying different things. There are a lot of markdown editors but very few of them handles images at all.

I finally ran across a reference to Hugo support for Atom. There are a few Hugo-specific packages (what Atom calls its plug-ins) but they’re not very well documented, not being developed, etc.

A package that is not Hugo-specific is Markdown Writer   .

It has good support for images, although the theme that I use doesn’t seem to support wrapping text around the image.

I would expect “insert image” when it allows you to specify width and height to reduce the size of the image accordingly. But it doesn’t. I think that might be because Markdown Writer doesn’t work with all the different blogging software.

Benson with Lego Saturn V